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DEIVEE (pronounced as “DEVI”) is derived from the latin word 'DEI" & Sanskrit word 'Devi" which means Goddess. DEIVEE is a woman, a goddess, an universal expression of elegance, beauty and comfort. DEIVEE is a celebration of the super human capabilities of every woman, her role and the strong effect she has on our culture, society and tradition. Elegant in every sweaty mile she runs. Brave in walking past every disapproving glare she receives. Strong, every time her mind wins over her tired body. That is the real woman. She is our Deivee. Have you ever experienced the feeling of self-consciousness when you step out for a run? Do you keep pulling your t-shirt down with the fear of revealing skin during your yoga or pilates class? Have you opted out of the idea of going to the gym because and you were uncomfortable wearing your body-hugging gym clothes? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then know that you are in the right place and are about to make the best choices for your wardrobe. Deivee is the brainchild of one of the most inspiring fitness evangelists and models of all time, the Iron Man of India, Milind Soman. He has advocated active lifestyles not just by preaching but by showing the way with the launch of ‘Pinkathon’, the only women’s marathon event in India. After observing that women running marathons preferred dressing in uncomfortable clothes rather than wearing shape-revealing branded outfits, it was Milind and his friend Darshan M, an accomplished sports business entrepreneur, who ventured into creating an active lifestyle brand. The objective of this range of women’s fitness wear was to ensure comfort over everything else. And after months of research, trials and errors, we are proud to present Deivee to you. Milind & Darshan are empowered by a team of young designers, merchandisers, athletes, fashion models, fitness trainers, and yoga enthusiasts. This dynamic and passionate team of men and women are obsessed in changing the way women work out. They work tirelessly to create new products using path-breaking new materials and designs.

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