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LP by Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe expanded its offering with the launch of a sub-brand in November 2007. LP by Louis Philippe is aimed at young achievers and upscale urbanites, who demand wardrobe versatility. It ascertains the style mantra for today’s generation.

A secret and a style statement rolled into one.

Formals finally get what they have always deserved: style, attitude and panache. The new age formals with hidden styling detail in every single garment: a coloured gusset on the side seam, an innovative trim, or a unique fabric wash. Half the battle is already won with the all-occasion LP wardrobe.

Priding itself on being the trendsetter for the cool, stylishly spirited confident youngster who lives today with a confident eye on tomorrow, LP is the brand for those who are in a hurry to make a mark in this world, but will not compromise on either their values or on fun, en route.

The LP line has an exciting range of shirts, trousers, T-shirts, suits, jackets and accessories to put together a youthful wardrobe. Crafted with love and passion, and a fine eye for detail, the collection has been designed by ThincTank New York, a group of ace designers from New York, and the Design laboratory at Bangalore. With two trendy fits in shirts and denims, four styles in trousers and three in suits and jackets, the LP range provides ample options for customising a wardrobe to individual preferences.

“Finis Coronat Opus” Or, quite simply, "The finish crowns the work.”

Every garment in this line is an evocative example of this philosophy. The range has subtle design nuances that will delight the wearer and allow him to discover something new every day. Shirts with fine embroidery on inner sleeve plackets, trousers with a special tape on the inner waistband tucked under the trim fabric, suits and jackets with the centre sleeve button stitched with thread of the brand colour to make a subtle statement — the range exudes élan, style and success.

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