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Tathaastu experience follows a holistic approach to create balance in physiology by enlivening the body’s inner intelligence.

Tathaastu Wellness products: Helps in maintaining good health, stimulates body’s natural rejuvenating abilities, promotes longevity, alertness, and enlightenment.

At tathaastu we adopt the ancient Indian Wisdom and healing techniques blended with modern techniques in to the paradigm of urban living and life style. We thrive to achieve and develop holistic environments to come, which are beyond today’s imagination.

We owe our sublime existence to the irrefutable science of the Vedas which helps us in seeking Cultural Innovation, Purity, Wholeness, Wisdom, Harmony & Happiness.

Tathaastu through its research on Vedas and its given forms of alternative medicine is bringing several products that focuses on making every experience unique & enjoyable healing the Body & soul in a holistic manner.
Products: Our products are 100% pure, authentic, unique and safe. They do not contain any chemicals.

Skin Care: Skin is a mirror that reflects the qualities of the blood and body’s plasma tissue. Tathaastu skin care products : Penetrates into the dermal layer, Gives long lasting effects. Enhances your emotional being, enhances your physical being, Makes you enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Body Care: Tathaastu works towards reestablishing harmony and balance. Tathaastu body care products: Helps in Detoxification, Facilitates Rejuvenation, Facilitates staying Healthy, Facilitates keeping young, Facilitates vitality. Tathaastu blenders work with a holistic approach to hair care to maintain its health, strength, and vitality for the long term.

Hair Care: Nourishes the scalp, Keeps Hair Strong, Keep them shining, Keep hair thick, Enhances circulation, Helps balance Vata Dosha.

Teen Care: Children are our proud possessions. We have to guide them carefully until they are independent enough to take care of themselves in right way Tathaastu Teen Care Products: Are mild therapies, Are natural, harmless, Are the obvious choice, Does not harm delicate organs.

Mens Care: Tathaastu range for men is focused towards the much herald metro sexual generation.