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Simply Sushi opens at Select CITYWALK, Saket



Itadaki Masu! The finest in Japanese cuisine now has a new destination

Simply Sushi opens at Select CITYWALK, Saket


December 15, 2017 | New Delhi: Always ahead of the trend, PVR has, over the years, placed a distinct emphasis on F&B offerings. With Simply Sushi, its Japanese specialty satiating palates of discerning movie-goers in the city, guests have enjoyed an all-encompassing experience with the finest in the cuisine while catching the latest releases on the big screen.

With roaring appreciation, Simply Sushi is now set to take the in-cinema experience ‘out-of-the-box’ office, with its first stand-alone outlet at the high-street in Select CityWalk, one of Delhi-NCR’s landmark lifestyle & commercial destinations.

On this development, Chef Yutaka Saito, Executive Chef at Simply Sushi, a brand of PVR - The Luxury Collection said, “Customer satisfaction has always been a supreme, and when we garnered positive feedback about Simply Sushi from our discerning guests, we learnt about its potential in the F&B segment. This has motivated us to take Simply Sushi, out of the box office, to satiate sushi-cravings of one and all.”

Established in 2015, Simply Sushi’s menu is curated by Chef Yutaka Saito, a veteran in the Japanese culinary space.  With over 35 years of experience, and flair to offer authentic cuisine with a modern twist, sushi, nigiri and JapadogsTM are a few on the menu that have been widely appreciated by those frequenting the Gold Class & Director’s Cut category cinemas in the country.

Straying away from the notion that sushi revolves around seafood; the menu at Simply Sushi hits the right chord with both non-vegetarians and vegetarians, alike. Taking the cuisine beyond boundaries of sushi and nigiri, Chef Saito has introduced JapadogsTM, a Japanese version of the typical American hotdogs, with flavors like teriyaki, kimchi and chilli bean.

Simply Sushi promises to deliver a form of art that celebrates the harmony of fresh ingredients and a burst of flavors in the most simple and elegant form.


About Chef Yutaka Saito:

Simply Sushi is helmed by Chef Yutaka Saito, who began his journey to master Japanese cuisine in 1979. Acclaimed as one of Seattle’s top sushi chefs, Chef Saito has travelled world over and has worked with some of the most prestigious restaurant brands, offering a piece of his culinary magic every step of his journey. Having been in India for a reasonably long period of time, Chef understands the nuanced Indian palate and has introduced innovative offerings on the menu, under the guidance of Chef Mayank Tiwari, Group Executive Chef of PVR, who is a celebrated chef in the culinary world of International cuisine.

Bringing together two Chefs’, both experts in their individual fields, has positioned the F&B offerings at PVR The Luxury Collection (TLC), as a brand that promises to deliver exquisite epicurean fare outside of fancy diners and 5-star hotels, without weighing heavy on its patrons pockets.

About PVR Limited

PVR is the largest and most premium film exhibition company in India. Since its inception in 1997, the brand has redefined the way entertainment is consumed in India. PVR currently operates a cinema circuit comprising of 600 screens at 131 properties in 51 cities (18 states and 1 Union Territory), serving approx. 75 million patrons annually.

For further information, please refer to the PVR website:


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Simply Sushi opens at Select CITYWALK, SaketSimply Sushi opens at Select CITYWALK, SaketSimply Sushi opens at Select CITYWALK, SaketSimply Sushi opens at Select CITYWALK, Saket